Flag of TexasStarting a new venture is difficult, but it can be extremely difficult if you do not have enough money. Getting financing for start-up or expansion is often your biggest challenge. If a loan is not possible for you now, and if you have not been able to impress investors, do not give up and there is hope. You still have a chance to be eligible for small business grants offered by the U.S. federal government.

The importance of small businesses

Small businesses have historically played an important role in the U.S. economy. This is why the government has an interest in facilitating the growth of small businesses with special federal and state programs. As long the small business is the heart of our economic health even bureaucrats in Washington don’t waste time and give subsidies for entrepreneurs. Every state has its own programs, so you can easily find Texas small business grants. The government normally uses subsidies to encourage business development in certain areas or specific locations. So, there are a number of grants for small business and everyone should try.

Tough competition

Government grants for small businesses are available for new and existing businesses. As you understand, you’re probably not the only one small businessman looking for financial assistance in the form of government money that you don’t need to repay. Be ready for the competition even if you qualify and decide to apply for small business grants. The attention to detail in the application process can often make the difference between winning and losing your chance to make your dream come true.

Writing an application

Depending on the amount of money involved, procedures and application forms for government and private grants can be lengthy and complex. The main goal is to break the application into clear parts. If you do not already have business partners to help you, consider outsourcing such an important task as writing a grant application to a consultant or freelance writer. When it comes to government grants for small business, the application deadlines are firm and writing your application at the end is not an option.

Overview of Current Small Business Grants in Texas:

Promoting Adolescent Health through School-Based HIV/STD Prevention and School-Based Surveillance

health logoDate for applicants: Feb 01, 2013 – Apr 19, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $81,000,000
Award Ceiling: $650,000
Expected Number of Awards: 99
Category of Funding Activity: Health
Agency Name: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Contact Person : 770-488-2700

University Transportation Centers Open Competition 2013

Department of transportationDate for applicants: Dec 20, 2012 – Mar 19, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $72,500,000
Award Ceiling: $3,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 35
Category of Funding Activity: Transportation
Agency Name: Research and Innovative Technology Administration
Contact Person: Amy Stearns 202-366-4957

FY 2013 Coastal Resilience Networks

Department of CommerceDate for applicants: Oct 24, 2012 – Feb 13, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $500,000
Award Ceiling: $100,000
Expected Number of Awards: 5
Category of Funding Activity: Environment, Science and Technology and other R&D
Agency Name: Department of Commerce
Contact Person : Penny Larin 808-532-3973

Ocean Drilling

NSF LogoDate for applicants: Mar 24, 2009 – Feb 15, 2013
Category of Funding Activity: Science and Technology and other Research and Development
Agency Name: National Science Foundation
Contact Details: nsf.gov


Where to find grants

You can do a search based on the availability of government grants for small businesses on the website of the Small Business Administration. Though SBA is there to help, but they generally do not grant the money directly. Government grants for small businesses are provided by other agencies, depending on what the grant is intended to accomplish. So, if you look for small business grants in Texas, get more information online (texaswideopenforbusiness.com and window.state.tx.us)

If you are a small businessman who needs financing, then you should start to find out everything you can about government and private grants. Do your homework to understand what grants for small businesses you may be eligible. The structure of grant programs can be confusing sometimes, and you do not want to miss a grant, you are qualified for just because you could not find it.

Small Business Resources and Support in Texas

Small Business Administration
14925 Kingsport Rd, Fort Worth, TX
(817) 868-2300 ‎ · sba.gov

US Small Business Administration
17319 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX
(210) 403-5900 ‎ · sba.gov

Small Business Development Center
2302 Fannin St, Houston, TX
(713) 752-8400 ‎ · sbdc.uh.edu

WT Small Business Development Center
701 S Taylor St, Amarillo, TX
(806) 372-5151 ‎ ·


Small Business Development Center – Denton
414 W Parkway St, Denton, TX
(940) 380-1849 ‎ · nctc.edu

North Texas Small Business Development Center
1402 Corinth St, Dallas, TX
(214) 860-5831 ‎ · ntsbdc.org

Small Business Development Center Asu
2222 Dena Dr, San Angelo, TX
(325) 942-2098 ‎ · sbdc.angelo.edu