OregonThe U.S. federal government is the largest and the most well-known source of subsidies for new entrepreneurs. Since 1953, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has contributed to many small projects that have become famous brands today.
The government estimates all small businesses very seriously, which is why this agency was created more than half a century ago. They are aware of their obligation to promote and develop these companies for the integrated development of the nation’s economy.

Federal support for business owners

However, the SBA offers several types of subsidy programs for small business entrepreneurs. Many grant programs are specifically designed by local authorities to assist organizations by technical or financial means. So planning a business in Oregon, you should look for Oregon small business grants.

Entrepreneurs need to have a realistic and clear business plan and meet basic criteria required to qualify for the small business grants supported by the government agencies. These funds can then be used either to start a new company or expand existing businesses.

Grants for women and minorities

There are many easy to qualify programs for female entrepreneurs and members of ethnic minorities to help them become economically independent. This leads to many activities related to cooperation and finally the development of nonindustrial regions of the vast country. It brings social change and uplift of society.

The SBA creates aid centers and special training programs for active women. Women entrepreneurs are the biggest beneficiary of the generosity of the government, and these grants for business are provided to non-profit organizations that offer advice, seminars and technical support to women’s groups.

Are you looking for subsidies in Oregon?

The first step in acquiring free Oregon small business grants is to find local government agencies awarding grants in your area. By using www.oregon4biz.com you can begin to explore the various different types of small business grants to establish which one suits your specific needs. Entrepreneurs eligible for the state programs are individual businesses, nonprofit companies and certain minority groups.

Active Small Business Grants Opportunities in Oregon:

BLM OR-WA CESU – Data Recovery, Studies and Analysis from Archaeological Site LS-1

Department of interior logoDate for applicants: Feb 01, 2013 – Mar 18, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $19,872
Award Ceiling: $19,872
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Natural Resources
Agency Name: Bureau of Land Management
Contact Person: Jessica Clark 503-808-6226

Indigenous Child Health – Strong Communities, Healthy Children

health logoDate for applicants: Jan 30, 2013 – Mar 31, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $100,000
Award Ceiling: $100,000
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Health
Agency Name: Indian Health Service
Contact Person: Paul Gettys 301-443-2114

Organizational Performance Improvement Program Activities in Macedonia

USAIDDate for applicants: Jan 28, 2013 – Mar 01, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $400,000
Award Ceiling: $400,000
Category of Funding Activity: Cooperative Agreement
Agency Name: Hungary USAID-Budapest
Contact Person: Szidonia Szekeres 3614754914

2013 Marine Education and Training Mini Grant Program

Department of Commerce logoDate for applicants: Jan 17, 2013 – Mar 15, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $200,000
Award Ceiling: $15,000
Category of Funding Activity: Education, Environment, Science and Technology
Agency Name: Department of Commerce
Contact Person: Kara Miller 808-944-2147

Small businesses are an important part of the economy

A grant is a direct financial contribution made without waiting for a refund, but with very specific expectations of the desired result. These programs are developed to support and help entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses. This promotes economic development and integrates individuals into the mainstream of American economic society. Agencies that provide grants for small business exclude large companies, but encourage small businesses to take their grants. And it really makes no difference what type of business you are trying to achieve.

If you are tired of working for someone else and have a pretty good idea of ​​how you may be able to become self-employed, you may be eligible to receive free government grants for small business to implement a new independent company, and say goodbye to your boss forever. It is quite an exorbitant amount of government money offered free of charge to U.S. taxpayers who want to engage in new business initiatives.

Additional info and cooperation possibilities in Oregon

US Small Business Administration
601 SW 2nd Ave #950, Portland, OR
ODS Tower
(503) 326-2682 ‎ · sba.gov

State of Oregon: Information
955 Center St NE, Salem, OR
(503) 378-4988 ‎ · oregon4biz.com

Oregon Small Business Development Center
Maple Leaf, North Bend, OR
(541) 756-6866 ‎ · bizcenter.org

Mt Hood Community College-Small Business Development Center
323 NE Roberts Ave, Gresham, OR
(503) 491-7658 ‎ · mhcc.edu

US Small Business Administration
1401 Willamette St, Eugene, OR
(503) 326-2682 ‎ · sba.gov

Small Business Development Center
1730 College Way, Hood River, OR
(541) 506-6045 ‎ · cgcc.cc.or.us

Small Business Development Center
1607 Gekeler Ln, La Grande, OR
(541) 962-1532 ‎