Hawaii Small business grantsStarting as an entrepreneur in the US can be a good idea, especially when it appears that government grants are easily available for upcoming enterprises. Hawaii is no exception, but one should accept that there is always some selectivity involved in grants. Federal grant agencies are unable to benefit everyone looking for startup help, and it makes dynamic business investors turn to organizations like private corporations, trust entities and foundations. Government-based small business grants in Hawaii are usually offered to “not for profit” organizations, but other businesses find grant leads on web portals, private corporation newsletters and other modes used in announcing business grants.

Why grants are better than conventional financing programs

Commercial financing comes with hard-to-maintain conditions, especially when you do not have 100% guarantee on high returns on investment. In case of small business grants in Hawaii, the grant maker – which could be a government body or a private institution – would have you comply with certain norms and expect you to reach a good performance level. At Hawaii, you will be enjoying liability-free financing if you have a good business plan in tourism, agriculture, beach facilitation, public works or education. Grants are also better in Hawaii, as they come with a tax exemption incentive for the financer.

Notable grants makers in Hawaii

People are usually advised to take up federal level grant programs, which are doing well in other states. Federal funding through plans like SBIR (Small Business Innovative Research) and STTR programs are available for start-up business to compete with niche brands. Since government programs can cause constriction in the progress you initially calculated, successful business leaders suggest that entrepreneurs should consider looking up the private grant makers directory. When making contracts, you have to deal with flexible terms compared to what one finds in federal grant financing.

Small business grants for Hawaiian businesses come from many sources, allowing people to start independently earning facilities. However, it is always important for entrepreneurs to check whether the grant maker wants the business to operate exactly as was imagined.

Extensive listing of available small business grants:

Building an Integrated Laboratory System to Advance the Safety of Food and Animal Feed (U18)

health logoDate for applicants: Jun 08, 2012 – Jul 16, 2012
Estimated Total Program Funding: $1,500,000
Award Ceiling: $1,500,000
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Consumer Protection Food and Nutrition Health
Agency Name: Food & Drug Administration
Contact Person: Daniel Lukash 301-827-6771

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: Food Safety

Department of Agriculture logoDate for applicants: Jun 25, 2012 – Nov 14, 2012
Estimated Total Program Funding: $5,000,000
Award Ceiling: $800,000
Category of Funding Activity: Agriculture
Agency Name: National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Contact Person: NIFA Help Desk 202-401-5048

Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, Great Plains CESU

Department of interior logoDate for applicants: Jun 25, 2012 – Sep 25, 2012
Estimated Total Program Funding: $44,000
Award Ceiling: $0
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Science and Technology
Agency Name: Geological Survey
Contact Person: Faith Graves, 703-648-7356

San Nicolas Island Fox Monitoring

Department of Defence logoDate for applicants: Jun 02, 2012 – Jul 02, 2012
Estimated Total Program Funding: $72,215
Award Ceiling: $72,215
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Natural Resources
Agency Name: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Contact Person: Linda Protocollo 619-532-1159

Low-Power Television and Translator Upgrade Program

Department of CommerceDate for applicants: Apr 28, 2011 – Jul 02, 2012
Estimated Total Program Funding: $44,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 2500
Category of Funding Activity: Other
Agency Name: Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Contact Person: Larry Dyer 202-482-1762

Who might benefit from small business grants in Hawaii

Hawaii is an entrepreneur’s paradise, especially if the person is looking to start in a modest capacity. Prominent industries like tourism, fishing, agriculture and heritage maintenance are areas where small businesses are gaining momentum. Government and private grant policies are proving helpful for the markets as they are not long-term plans. Small-scale supply and product-based businesses can also be great plans if you are planning to start with a grant in Hawaii.

How to go about looking for a grant in Hawaii

Hawaii has a large number of non-commercial financing bodies, where the structure of grants may differ. However, most of them are similar to the federal and local government grant programs, in which the grants are provided in three phases – the last of which is essentially a privatized commercial financing plan. To look for a grant, you need to be able to define the position of your business – whether it is yet to be launched, it is in its first phase, or it needs financing for expansion. You can then apply for the program with relevant financing terms.

Assistance on grants for small businesses

Small Business Opportunities
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(808) 933-0776

Hawaii Small Business Development Center
1833 Kalakaua Avenue #400, Honolulu, HI
(808) 945-1430 ‎ · hisbdc.org

Small Business Consultations
Comte John M CPA, Wailuku, HI
(808) 244-8128 ‎

Small Business Legal Services

94-36 Puanane Place, Mililani, HI
(808) 306-5372 ‎ · prepaidlegal.com

Small Business Advocate
94-070 Leokane Street, Waipahu, HI
(808) 678-0876 ‎ · gentrades.com