floridaSmall business is categorized by its small capital, productivity, labor and profit, so borrowing money is the most common way to expand a company and increase its productivity. But it is not necessarily a case, because small business grants can help to avoid high interest rates at banks. Such a grant allows entrepreneurs to receive the money they need without having to worry about the future repayment of it. Unlike a business loan that should be repaid, a grant is practically a gift. A business owner can get the money without any condition or future obligations attached. It does not matter what your business is about, companies from different industrial sectors are eligible for financial support. Even a company in the planning stage can get a grant, though they are mostly provided for already existing businesses.

The purpose of business grants

Many government agencies, nonprofit organizations and other organizations are willing to grant money for small businesses. Why? Because giving the grant money not only helps a company with revenues, but also improves the community it serves through increased purchases that benefit the economy of the state. You can find all the information on small business grants Florida provides at the website of The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (www.dep.state.fl.us) and check if there is a program that can be helpful for your business.

The subsidies help stimulate small business growth but provide limited funding, targeted in specific areas. The main area is where capital investment is very weak or unavailable. The grant is provided for labor hiring or purchase of new machinery and other equipment. If a separate building is required, the owner can use the money for the purchase of land and construction of the required structure. For more established businesses, business grants in Florida provide funding for research, development and improvement of technology. In addition, small business grants are provided for businesses with foreign exports to enhance international trade.

Choosing the best grant program in FL

Finding small business grants is not a long process, the trick is to find the right one. Most states and provinces provide detailed information on the application on the websites of their economic development offices and Florida is no exception. Also it may be useful to check private organizations. But the key to success is to find an organization that specializes in these grants, as opposed to those created for other business programs.

Prospects for obtaining Florida small business grants is even better for women and other minorities, such as people with disabilities, Native Americans or veterans because government agencies try to promote business ownership by these groups. Obtaining this type of subsidy can also be easier for someone who wants to develop a business in an area that is economically disadvantaged.

How to apply for Florida business grants

A small business grant, like any other grant is awarded after application and approval by the state commission or organization providing the subsidy. And of course, a small business owner has to submit a detailed business plan. The plan should specifically identify how the money will be spent and what benefits it will bring to the community. The chances to be approved for small business grants depend on whether or not the business owner can determine how getting this money and future development of the company will benefit the community in which it is located. The potential benefits may range widely depending on your type of business from improving irrigation efficiency to stimulating sales of state grown produce.

In order to qualify for business grants in Florida, the person must prove the non-availability of capital and ensure that no other organization has provided the necessary funding or it will be considered a fraud. Because requesting a grant is a long process involving some important steps, many companies and business owners hire people to perform these tasks such as writing applications and supervising the process itself. It is very important that grant providers and funders will be satisfied with the business plan that has been submitted by the owner of a business.

Beyond doubt, “free” financial support is an opportunity small business owners should not pass. In the absence of risks and having a real chance to make your company more profitable,Florida grants for small business could be your best answer in these difficult times.

The lack of funds is known to be one of the reasons for failure in small businesses and also when it is not managed properly. It is essential to have sufficient funds in order to see success in any venture and the availability of small business grants in Florida have proved to be the correct answer to this problem. If you as a business owner have the necessary knowledge of the research and the correct application for government subsidies in Florida, then you can start your business very soon.

Federal and private subsidies

The U.S. government offers over 300 different grants for small business owners trying to start their business. These grants generally range from $ 25,000 to nearly $ 1 million and they depend on the projected success and growth of your business.

These subsidies should not be misunderstood over loans because there is no required repayment. They are also considered as free money and investments to promote a successful business. The grant money is usually free from taxes on income. Applying for small business grants doesn’t include credit checks or deposits, whether you have bad credit or bankruptcy.

Besides federal grants, there are several companies offering Florida small business grants. One of them is Workforce Florida Inc. You can find more information as well as rules and regulations on workforceflorida.com.

Business owners should prepare before applying for business grants, and work with local resource centers to make sure the preparation is comprehensive enough to obtain financial assistance.

Active Small Business Grants Opportunities in Florida:

A National Repository for Geological Cores Collected in the Polar Regions

NSF LogoDate for applicants: Jan 23, 2014 – Apr 16, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $350,000
Award Ceiling: $350,000
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Science and Technology and other R&D
Agency Name: National Science Foundation

Personnel Development to Improve Services and Results for Children with Disabilities

Department of EducationDate for applicants: Jan 15, 2013 – Mar 01, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $4,250,000
Award Ceiling: $250,000
Expected Number of Awards: 17
Category of Funding Activity: Education
Agency Name: Department of Education
Contact Person : Julius Cotton 202-245-6140

University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

health logoDate for applicants: Jan 15, 2014 – Mar 06, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $9,418,000
Award Ceiling: $554,000
Expected Number of Awards: 17
Category of Funding Activity: Income Security and Social Services
Agency Name: Administration on Aging
Contact Person: LaDeva Harris 202-357-3437

NAWCA U.S. Standard Grants

Department of interior logoDate for applicants: Jan 03, 2013 – Jul 26, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $40,000,000
Award Ceiling: $1,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 50
Category of Funding Activity: Natural Resources
Agency Name: Fish and Wildlife Service
Contact Person: David Buie 301-497-5870

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative: Sustainable Bioenergy

Department of Agriculture logoDate for applicants: Jan 24, 2014 – Apr 03, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $10,000,000
Award Ceiling: $10,000,000
Category of Funding Activity: ,Agriculture, Energy, Science & Technology and other R&D
Agency Name: National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Contact Details: NIFA Help Desk 202-401-5048

You can get information on small business grants in the following centers:

Florida Business Development
7021 Grand National Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Small Business Development Center
1200 W International Speedway Blvd, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

US Small Business Administration
299 East Broward Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Small Business Development Center at UNF
University of North Florida, Alumni Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224, United States

Small Business Development Center at UCF
1425 East Vine Street, Kissimmee, FL 34744

US Small Business Administration
7825 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, FL
(904) 443-1900 ‎ · sba.gov

Small Business Development
2500 Minnesota Ave, Lynn Haven, FL
(850) 271-1108 ‎ · northfloridabiz.com

Small Business Resources USA
1601 Park Center Dr, Orlando, FL
(407) 298-4646 ‎

Small Business Development Center at State College of Florida
8000 S Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL
(941) 408-1412 ‎ · startwithsbdc.com

Small Business League
3000 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Clearwater, FL
(727) 474-3716

US Small Business Development Corporation
4809 E Busch Blvd #106, Tampa, FL
(800) 395-8816

Small Business Development
253 Park Ave, Boca Raton, FL
(850) 271-1108 ‎ · northfloridabiz.com

Small Business Resources USA
352 Alice Moore Way, Fort Lauderdale, FL
(407) 298-4646