North CarolinaThe challenge you will probably have to face if you intend to set up a new business or expanding an existing business is the financing.
Just like any other project, it is usually going to involve a startup capital. Applying for small business grants is often the only thing to do.

The government gives you a chance

The fact is that the country allocates a part of the national budget each year to help people who want to be productive and contribute to the economic system by setting up their own business. Benefits and government grants for small business are made to promote the full and free competition and increases employment protecting the interests of both consumers and business owners. This government initiative will indeed give a chance to those who have the potential to contribute to the economy, particularly in the fight against the effects of the recent global crisis.

Grants ranging from $ 500.00 to $ 50,000.00 can be obtained from these agencies. Usually there are larger payments for business start-up costs. If you are a business owner you can use the privileges granted by the state you live in. North Carolina small business grants are the perfect way to achieve your dreams of becoming a successful and independent entrepreneur.

The road to success is lined with many obstacles

But it makes sense for this type of programs to be strict in approving applications and granting the money because of many reasons. For starters, government grants for small business were primarily developed to support only non-profit organizations and research projects, development, health and education. In addition, resources allocated by the government’s plans are limited to accommodate all candidates. Application review and evaluation of government grants for business are carried out with extreme attention to select the best candidate with the appropriate type of business.

Credibility is the most important factor in making a budget for your proposal. You must create a realistic budget for the whole project or business plan. Then you need to break the budget in planned spending and revenues. You must fully explain and justify the expenditure. Revenue forecasts must also be realistic. There are also times when a specific organization that provides grants for small business will ask you to restructure your budget. This is a good sign that your proposal was discussed in a positive way. So you need to make adjustments for these negotiations while taking fully into account the cost of the entire project. The grant committee will surely take a second look at your application if you can make it easy to understand, realistic, achievable and within budget.

Latest grants proposals in North Carolina

Agriculture and Food Research Initiative – Childhood Obesity Prevention

Department of Agriculture logoDate for applicants: Feb 08, 2013 – Apr 1, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $5,000,000
Award Ceiling: $5,000,000
Category of Funding Activity: Agriculture, Education, Food and Nutrition, Health
Agency Name: National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Contact Person: 202-401-5048

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Research Centers: Special Interest Project Competitive Supplements (SIPS)

health logoDate for applicants: Feb 06, 2013 – Mar 28, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $1,485,000
Expected Number of Awards: 9
Category of Funding Activity: Health
Agency Name: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Contact Person: 770-488-2700

USAID South Sudan Safer Schools Support (5S) Project

USAIDDate for applicants: Feb 01, 2013 – Mar 28, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $105,000,000
Award Ceiling: $105,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Education
Agency Name: South Sudan (USAID)-Juba
Contact Person: Annastasia Wanjiru

FY 2013 CVISN Reannounce Notice of Funding Availability

Department of transportationDate for applicants: Jan 14, 2013 – Mar 25, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $9,800,000
Award Ceiling: $2,500,000
Expected Number of Awards: 5
Category of Funding Activity: Transportation
Agency Name: DOT/Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Contact Person: 1-800-518-4726

Business grants in North Carolina

Writing a business plan, applying for small business grants in North Carolina and taking full advantage of information and resources offered are three important steps to starting a successful business in North Carolina. The Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) may help provide you with guideline, training and supportive resources. If you need help, just visit

Additional Opportunities for your small business in North Carolina

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