MissouriWhen someone speaks of subsidies and grants provided by the federal or state authorities, then most people give up the idea of ​​asking it because of the hassle involved in the process.

So the big question is how to apply for small business grants? There are easier ways these days to seek help from government or other non-profit investors.

Where can you get help for your business?

The most important part is to decide from which source you can get financial assistance. There are several federal, state and private organizations that contribute to the creation of new enterprises. Consider that your application should include the business plan and future prospects. Applying for small business grants may differ on various jurisdiction levels. The website pages for state financial assistance www.business.mo.gov and www.missouribusiness.net have all the details on the methodology adopted by the authorities for granting small business grants in Missouri. The Missouri Small Business & Technology Development Centers (MO SBTDC) may help you with extending your business or starting a new one.

What to include in your proposal

Getting approval with grants for small business takes time because it involves a thorough inspection at all levels. The proposal must be organized and all other required documents must be attached before filing of the application. Banking information and other financial details need to be carefully written on the application and registration forms. If the electronic transfer is necessary, consider that the application could be rejected for reasons of non-compliance or false information. The application shall contain the detailed results that are expected of this business plan.

Submitting your application

Once your business plan is ready, the next step is to determine where you can send your grant applications and find potential sponsors. It can be a long and tedious search because you have to choose from many organizations such as the federal authorities, state authorities, local authorities, private foundations, etc. that can offer grants for business. Your search can be limited by how the funding agency relates to your business. Once you have identified a few best variants, develop relationships with the organization and make your intention known before submitting an application for funding. Any proposal that you submit must be well written, clearly identifying the objectives of your business and the purpose of your application for funding. Of course, it should be realistic.

Missouri Small Business Grants Opportunities:

Special Program Announcement for 2013: Basic Research Challenges in the Science of Autonomy

Department of Defence logoDate for applicants: Dec 06, 2014 – Apr 08, 2015
Estimated Total Program Funding: $5,200,000
Award Ceiling: $150,000
Expected Number of Awards: 10
Category of Funding Activity: Science and Technology and other R&D
Agency Name: Office of Naval Research
Contact Person: Lynnette Desorcie 703-696-4324

2013 Marine National Monument Program

Department of CommerceDate for applicants: Jan 24, 2013 – Mar 15, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $40,000
Award Ceiling: $30,000
Expected Number of Awards: 5
Category of Funding Activity: Education, Environment
Agency Name: Department of Commerce
Contact Person: Kara Miller 808-944-2147

Crosscutting Research: Development of Novel Architecture for Optimization of Advanced Energy Systems

Department of energyDate for applicants: Jan 25, 2014 – Mar 14, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $9,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 8
Category of Funding Activity: Energy, Science and Technology and other R&D
Agency Name: National Energy Technology Laboratory
Contact Person: MAUREEN B. DAVISON 412-386-5163

Multistate Corridor Operations Management

Department of transportationDate for applicants: Feb 01, 2014 – Apr 05, 2017
Estimated Total Program Funding: $7,000,000
Award Ceiling: $6,800,000
Expected Number of Awards: 5
Category of Funding Activity: Transportation
Agency Name: DOT Federal Highway Administration
Contact Person: Angela Jacobs 2023660076

State and federal grants

If you want to start a company in Missouri, you may be wondering how to apply for Missouri small business grants. State authorities always have grants for business development that are very similar to the federal subsidies. A registration form may vary a little bit, but the application needs to be very accurate too. Any incorrect information or falsification may result in disapproval of the grant application.

Cities and county-level authorities provide financial assistance and support to small and medium enterprises as well. Of course, the registration forms are different, but the application process for grants for small business is somewhat similar to federal grants. The applicant may be granted only if a written request is accepted.

Info and resources for your small business in Missouri

US Small Business Administration
1222 Spruce St #10, St Louis, MO
(314) 539-6600 ‎ · sba.gov

Missouri Small Business Development Centers
410 S 6th St, Columbia, MO
(573) 884-1555

Small Business & Technology Development Center
260 Brown Rd, St Peters, MO
(636) 970-3000 ‎ · missouribusiness.net

Southeast Missouri State University
1 University Plaza, Cape Girardeau, MO
(573) 651-2000 ‎ · semo.edu
US Small Business Administration
830 E Primrose St, Springfield, MO
(417) 890-8501 ‎ · sba.gov

Small Business Association
14762 Manchester Rd, Ballwin, MO
(636) 227-7500 ‎

MSSU Small Business & Technology Development Center
3950 Newman Rd., Robert W. Plaster School of Business,
Joplin, MO (417) 625-3128