MinnesotaEvery business is based on an idea or a dream. What to do if you need financing? Fortunately, billions of dollars are awarded by grant programs, developed by large organizations and government agencies. And all taxpayers who are citizens of the United States are eligible to get small business grants. In general, a grant option is more preferable in comparison with a loan that must be paid back. Many people do not use small business grants even if there is a need for them. This is the result of the lack of knowledge on how to submit the grant application. But to successfully obtain the grants for business, it is important to learn to write the project suitable for the program. Different subsidies are created by private foundations, federal and state agencies. And if you live in Minnesota, you can apply for Minnesota small business grants, because there is a specifically-designed grant program.

Be prepared

Actually, following all the requirements can be a challenge, and just finding an agency that provides this kind of small business grants can take months. There is a possibility of a long wait before the application will be reviewed at the intense competition that you will face. So you need to collect all the information about grants for small business, if you want to get the results quickly.

The first step is your proposal

Applicants may also visit sites that are available in abundance for more assistance in completing grant applications. Correct presentation of the grant application will assist the applicant in obtaining the grant. The proposal must contain all the required information and it should be brief and easy to the authorities to verify. And it should also indicate the need and use of the grant amount in the company and the expected result.

Who are the best candidates?

There may be a greater chance of approval for candidates with good records and who have proven themselves as law-abiding citizens. If your business or company really needs the grant, you must give reasons or evidence to justify why you should be chosen to have a grant. More importantly, the awareness of the correct types of grants for business and procedures would help greatly.

The importance of business plan

The way you will present your business plan can help determine how much thought and planning you put into your business and convince the committee to prioritize your funding request. You can also refine your search before you even start with proper preparation of your business plan so that you can identify appropriate funding agencies.

Open Date Minnesota Small Business Grants Opportunities:

FY 2013 Economic Development Assistance Programs

Department of Commerce logoDate for applicants: Nov 27, 2012 – Sep 13, 2015
Estimated Total Program Funding: $1,500,000
Expected Number of Awards: 3
Category of Funding Activity: Regional Development
Agency Name: Economic Development Administration
Contact Person: Kerstin Millius

Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program

health logoDate for applicants: Dec 21, 2014 – Feb 25, 2016
Award Ceiling: $325,000
Expected Number of Awards: 4
Category of Funding Activity: Health
Agency Name: Health Resources & Services Administration
Contact Person: 877-464-4772

Transformation Initiative: Sustainable Construction in Indian Country Small Grant Program

dep_of_housingDate for applicants: Feb 05, 2015 – Mar 25, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $400,000
Award Ceiling: $100,000
Expected Number of Awards: 5
Category of Funding Activity: Research & Development
Agency Name: Department of Housing and Urban Development
Contact Person: Chris Darnell 202 402-5728

Habitat Enhancement by Youth Crews

Department of interior logoDate for applicants: Feb 07, 2015 – Mar 25, 2017
Estimated Total Program Funding: $200,000
Award Ceiling: $200,000
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Education, Employment
Agency Name: Fish and Wildlife Service
Contact Person: Ann Marie Chapman 612-713-5463

Looking for small business grants in Minnesota

A perfect place to start for entrepreneurs in Minnesota is the Department of Employment and Economic Development, because you will learn about trainings, taxes, licenses and permits. They also have resources to assist you with small business grants in Minnesota. This place can provide you a lot of information about many different legal considerations in starting your small business in the state.

More Opportunities for your small business in Minnesota

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Small Business Success
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