MarylandFederal and state small business grants are available to entrepreneurs across the United States. The US government provides a large number of subsidies and funding options you can apply for right now. Here are a few tips on how to do it successfully.

Small businesses always have been essential in the economic growth of a country and this is the reason why governments are always ready to provide financial resources to assist small businesses.
Anyone aged 18 and thinking about going into business or wanting to expand his or her existing business can apply for the grant.

How to get it?

According to the latest statistics, there are approximately fifty thousand small business owners who receive federal small business grants every year. Getting grants for small business is not based on one particular factor, but rather a combination of factors listed below, as well as hard work, a good proposal, and the availability of government grants. You should start your journey with searching online and contacting SBA.

What is SBA and how can they help you to get grants?

The government created the Small Business Administration (SBA) agency to support entrepreneurs. By visiting you will find all the grants available to small businesses, including minority small business grants and subsidies for women. You can join it for free and they warn you each time a new small business grant becomes available. Actually, there are numerous resources that will help you determine state grants that may be right for you. Of course, if you live in Maryland, you should look for Maryland small business grants. Once you have determined which small business grants are available, you can determine which state program suits your business best.

Active Small Business Grants Opportunities in Maryland:

FY14 Farm to School Grant Program

Department of Agriculture logoDate for applicants: Feb 06, 2013 – Apr 24, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $5,000,000
Award Ceiling: $100,000
Expected Number of Awards: 70
Category of Funding Activity: Food and Nutrition
Agency Name: Food and Nutrition Service
Contact Person: Leslie Byrd 703-305-2867

Public Transportation Emergency Relief Program for Hurricane Sandy

Department of transportationDate for applicants: Feb 06, 2013 – Mar 08, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $2,000,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 10
Category of Funding Activity: Transportation
Agency Name: DOT/Federal Transit Administration
Contact Person: Adam Schildge 202-366-0778

DoD Injury Prevention, Physiological and Environmental Health Award (IPPEHA)

Department of Defence logoDate for applicants: Feb 05, 2013 – Apr 26, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $6,000,000
Expected Number of Awards: 5
Category of Funding Activity: Science and Technology and other R&D
Agency Name: Dept. of the Army – USAMRAA
Contact Person:

Analysis of Contaminants of Emerging Concern in Herring Gull Eggs in the Great Lakes

Department of interior logoDate for applicants: Feb 04, 2013 – to be determined
Estimated Total Program Funding: $80,250
Expected Number of Awards: 1
Category of Funding Activity: Environment, Science and Technology and other R&D
Agency Name: Fish and Wildlife Service
Contact Person: Jeremy N. Moore 517-490-4657

Head Start and/or Early Head Start Grantee – City of Baltimore, Maryland

health logoDate for applicants: Feb 01, 2013 – May 02, 2013
Estimated Total Program Funding: $30,378,548
Award Ceiling: $30,378,548
Expected Number of Awards: 7
Category of Funding Activity: Income Security and Social Services
Agency Name: Administration for Children and Families
Contact Person: ACF Applications Help Desk

Preparing the proposal: how to do it right

You can choose more than one grant request. Now it’s time to start preparing the proposal of each small business grants that you ask. It is important that your proposal is very detailed and include things like the planned growth and expected development. It should also describe how much grant money you need and what purposes you will use it.

Once you have chosen the most suitable grants for business, you will need to review the qualifications and what is required to apply for a federal grant. Most require a proposal and if you are serious about the grant, you must be serious about your proposal, including future projections and a host of other information. Imagine you are at the bank for a loan. You can find many useful guidelines and instructions on how to apply for small business grants in Maryland, by visiting and

Federal small business grant money is an incentive for entrepreneurs and for the US economy. The more small businesses get off the ground, the more jobs they provide. In fact, seven out of ten jobs in the United States come from small business. You can see why the government is so anxious to help entrepreneurs with small business grants.

Resources and places for your small business in Maryland state

Small Business Resource Center
1101 E 33rd Street, c307, Baltimore, MD
(443) 451-7160 (Mobile) ‎ ·

US Small Business Administration
2525 Riva Rd, Annapolis, MD
(410) 266-9553 ‎ ·

Small Business Development Center
1101 Camden Ave, Salisbury, MD
(410) 548-4419 ‎ ·

Sage Small Business Services LLC
3880 Roundtree Rd, Jefferson, MD
(301) 473-9777 ‎ ·

Small Business Group
407 E Churchville Rd #202, Bel Air, MD
(410) 838-2100 ‎ ·

American Small Business Alliance
9030 Red Branch Rd, Columbia, MD
(301) 596-6031 ‎ ·

Small Business Advisors
1119 State Route 3 N # 210, Gambrills, MD
(410) 721-6000 ‎ ·