louisianaThe first question most new business owners ask themselves is where they can find the money and funding to start their business. The truth is there are many different options if you know where to look for. The most common and the easiest one is through loans, but the most sought after are government grants since you do not need to pay any money back. You obviously can not go wrong with that!

How the government invests in your business

Between government and private foundations, there are more than $35 billion in cash available for grants for small business in Louisiana every year, and much of the money goes unclaimed. That’s money you can get to help fund your startup costs or expand your current business, and because the small business grant programs are created as economic stimulus, you will never have to pay this money (even if your business is not as successful as you planned).

The state now provides Louisiana small business grant funds as a way to generate more tax revenue. The more profitable your business is, the more jobs you create, the more people spend on your product or service, and the more money your business will need. These are all good things for the state’s economy and the things that bring tax revenues for years to come. For this reason alone, small business grants are a good investment for the government if you can show a business plan that interests them.

Easy to apply, difficult to get

As small business grants in Louisiana are awarded by foundations and private organizations, they are actually easy to apply for. It is basically a big part of the same paperwork as you would be doing when applying for a business loan. Here are some steps to start with the application process:

The first step you want to take care of is to find the type of grant you need. This is easily accomplished with thorough research. You obviously need to consult the Small Business Association (SBA) or the Louisiana Small Business Development Center (LSBDC). You would not believe how many people are rejected for subsidies and grants each year because they can not understand what their specific financing needs are and can not answer the main question about why they need financial help.

Does your business qualify for the grant program?

In addition, for every small business grant whether it is funded by the government or private organization the acceptance criteria vary from agency to agency. This is why you should read and review the application’s terms and conditions at the official website (www.lsbdc.org) prior to submission to ensure accuracy. Remember, obtaining these grants takes a lot of time, so patience is the key.

Now that you know what the requirements are for a particular grant, make sure that your company meets all its requirements. For example, you do not want to make a grant application for a company as an individual. You request will be automatically rejected for not meeting any of the requirements for the LA startup business grants.

Online application for small business grants

The best way to submit a grant application is to do it online. The majority of government programs are available on the SBA and LSBDC websites. The application process is not as difficult as it was before and doing it online saves you a lot of time and hassle. These official sites include step-by-step instructions with a FAQ section that you can refer to while filling the application form.

The last step of application for Louisiana small business grants includes the preparation of a grant application letter and a business plan. Most people have very little experience in these two areas, so it is better to contact the local SBA office to ask to receive professional help. You will have to pay a fee for this service but it is really worth it. Once you have completed the above step, the only thing left is to wait to see if you are accepted or rejected.

So, there are a number of government programs and grants for small business in Louisiana for new and existing small business owners. These funds can help people with an entrepreneurial spirit to take their dream and make it a reality!

Every business starts with an idea somebody dreams about. To implement this idea and succeed you need guidance, training and financing. A grant is a boon for entrepreneurs and can turn their dreams into reality.

Traditional lending institutions like banks usually choose big business projects for financing and ignore the requirements of the small entrepreneurs. But, according to survey statistics, small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy in the past and continue to drive it again. That’s why every state has the state grant program, so you can easily apply for Louisiana small business grants if you live in this state.

A wide range of grant sources

Enjoying the benefits of government grants for small business could certainly be one of the best choices whenever you plan to start your own business. Without spending time and looking for private investors a person can choose from the forms of economic assistance enabled for businessmen who are eligible and qualified for the grant. Financial assistance may come in many forms and range from low-interest loans to free small business grants. It is really important to understand, however, that the funds and the resources for these programs are limited and politicians and corporations are just fulfilling their social responsibilities. For this reason, it is natural that the screening and assessment are severe so that the committee can opt for carefully.

How to win a grant

Government grants for business are usually given to people who need it the most. The nature and needs of the business are examined with caution. It is therefore seriously essential to properly define the type and nature of the business you want to start before applying. This means that a business proposal must be prepared carefully to be able to show the project specifications, such as location, owner’s profile and target consumers. Try to eliminate the possibility of your disqualification and ensure that all documents and paperwork that you will present are legal and authentic.

How to write a business proposal

The grant proposal should be short and clear. All questions which may be raised by the grant committee must be properly responded in the proposal. The grant proposal must be realistic or it may be rejected.

The title page and abstract should be included in the proposal. The introduction and review of the proposal should be available in the grant proposal. The project for which the grant is required should be properly described and the requirement of staff for the project should be indicated.

Small Business Grants Opportunities in Louisiana:

BOEM FY 2013 Louisiana Coastal Marine Institute

Department of interior logoDate for applicants: Feb 04, 2013 – Mar 11, 2016
Estimated Total Program Funding: $1,000,000
Award Ceiling: $690,000
Expected Number of Awards: 6
Category of Funding Activity: Environment
Agency Name: Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM)
Contact Person: Kathleen M. Craig 703-787-1332

Agriculture and Natural Resources Science for Climate Variability and Change

Department of Agriculture logoDate for applicants: Nov 15, 2014 – Apr 15, 2017
Estimated Total Program Funding: $5,000,000
Category of Funding Activity: Agriculture, Education, Environment, Food and Nutrition, Natural Resources, Regional Development
Agency Name: National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Contact Person: 202-401-5048

NOAA Climate Program Office

Department of Commerce logoDate for applicants: Jan 17, 2014 – Apr 08, 2016
Award Ceiling: $3,500,000
Expected Number of Awards: 17
Category of Funding Activity: Environment, Science and Technology and other R&D
Agency Name: Department of Commerce
Contact Person: Adam Parris noaa.gov

Educational Technology, Media, and Materials for Individuals With Disabilities Program

Department of EducationDate for applicants: Jan 30, 2014 – Mar 18, 2017
Estimated Total Program Funding: $3,000,000
Award Ceiling: $500,000
Expected Number of Awards: 6
Category of Funding Activity: Education
Agency Name: Department of Education
Contact Person: Julius Cotton 202-245-6140

Where to look for help in Louisiana

If your business or company really needs the grant, you must give reasons or evidence to justify why you should be chosen to have a grant. More importantly, the awareness of the correct types of small business grants and procedures would help greatly. So, you need to learn how to apply for small business grants in Louisiana in advance and visit Louisiana Economic Development Center (louisianaeconomicdevelopment.com) and Louisiana Small Business Development Center (www.lsbdc.org).

Useful resources for your small business in Louisiana

Small Business Development Center
3600 Jackson St Exd, Alexandria, LA
(318) 484-2123 ‎ · lsbdc.org

Louisiana Small Business Development Center
3330 N Causeway Blvd #427, Metairie, LA
(504) 831-3735 (Fax) ‎ · lsbdc.org

US Small Business Administration
365 Canal St, New Orleans, LA
(504) 589-6685 ‎ · sba.gov

Louisiana Small Business Association
450 Laurel St, Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 387-5822 ‎


Small Business Development Center
4205 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA
(337) 475-5529 ‎ · lsbdc.org

Small Business Development Center
1514 Martens Dr, Hammond, LA
(985) 549-3831 ‎

Louisiana Small Business Development Center
310 Ardoyne, Thibodaux, LA
(985) 493-2587 ‎ · lsbdc.org

Northwestern State University Of Louisiana: Small Business Development Center
3600 Jackson Street Extension, Alexandria, LA 71303

Small Business Development Center
1514 Martens Drive, Hammond, LA 70401

US Small Business Administration
365 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

Louisiana Small Business Development Center
310 Ardoyne, Thibodaux, LA 70301

Louisiana Small Business Dev
4826 Jamestown Avenue, Baton Rouge, LA 70808